WCW Saturday Night 8/31/96

The Giant with Jimmy Hart and Hugh Morrus vs. The Renegade

This match was a showcase for the Giant as he is going to face Randy Savage at the next PPV. He completely dominated the match and when the Renegade got in an offence with a back elbow in the corner the Giant no sold it and later no sold his strikes and the Giant would win the match with a chokeslam. After the match Hugh Morrus landed a top rope moonsault on the Renegade. Squash 

Mene Gene Okurland (R.I.P.) is doing an interview with The Giant and Jmmy Hart promoting the Giant’s match against Randy Savage at Fall Brawl.

We are backstage again with Mene Gene as he is interviewing now Ice Train and Teddy Long. There is a highlight video recapping the feud between Ice Train and Scott Norton showing off their match at Hog Wild in which Norton won and then Norton beating up Ice Train backstage at the Clash of the Champions.These men will face off once again at Fall Brawl in a submission match this time.

Ice Train with Teddy Long vs. Kurasawa

Kurasawa is younger, longer haired and more mobile Manabu Nakanishi. This is somewhat of a HOSS match and these guys in the beginning of the match are trading strikes. But that would be the last offence Kurosawa would get in the match as, Ice Train would dominate the rest of the match. He worked over the left arm of Kurasawa and proceeds to win the match with a Fujiwara armbar. Solid well worked extended squash match to get over Ice Train and his submission finisher for his upcoming PPV submission match against Norton. * 1/2

J.L. vs. Chris Jericho

J.L. is a masked Jerry Lynn and he is taking on Lionheart Chris Jericho who is coming out to his wonderful All the Days by Mammoth theme music.This was Jericho’s debut match on Saturday Night. This match was a back forth match with each man trading offence during the match. Jericho impressively hits a stalling suplex during the match. Along with a 2nd rope springboard from  inside the ring to hit JL who was on the apron with a shoulder block. JL was also able to knock down Jericho who was on the top rope with a dropkick sending him to the outside and then he would later proceed to hit an impressive top rope cross body to the outside.JL came close to winning the match with a top rope dropkick but he only got a 2 count. Jericho would end this well worked back and forth match with a Lionsault for the win. ** 1/2

They show a recap what happened at Nitro and Mene Gene plugs the WCW Hotline.

The Nasty Boys vs. The Steiners

The way this match started with both Nasty Boys brawling with Rick Steiner right away from the entrance as they were brawling from the back and then a camera later proceeds to show Scott is laid out backstage. The Nasty Boys are beating down on Rick but, Rick makes a comeback and taking on both men. The match is thrown out when Harlem Heat runs in and starts beating up on the Nasty Boys. N/A

Mene Gene is backstage with Col. Parker and Sister Sherri and Parker is cutting a promo on the Nasty Boys.

Highlight video package for Rey Mysterio Jr.

Diamond Dallas Page vs. Billy Kidman

DDP is coming out to Self High Five another great theme even though it is a ripoff of Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit. He is taking a pretty young Billy Kidman who was 22 years old and was only wrestling for 2 years and this is pre- Flock Kidman. While Kidman had brief moments of offence this match as he hit a Dudley Dawg followed by a top rope cross body for a 2 count. This match was largely just an extended squash to promote DDP, as he won by running of the ropes and hitting Kidman with the Diamond Cutter. * 3/4

We’re backstage with Mene Gene who is with DDP who is cutting a promo on Chavo and Eddie Guerrero and as well, prompting his match against Chavo at Fall Brawl.

Now once again we are with Mene Gene who is interviewing Kevin Sullivan and Jimmy Hart, they talk about the nWo and Kevin is blaming Mene Gene for Hogan and the nWo.

Hardwork Bobby Walker vs. Scott Norton

Tony Schiavone mentions on commentary prior to the match starting Walker is good friends with Ice Train, this match has some sort of story and adds to the feud between Ice Train and Norton. Norton dominated the entire match brutalizing Walker with his power. Walker had brief moments of offence in this match by hitting Norton with a couple of Dropkicks and Irish whipping him into the guardrails outside the ring. Norton wins by hitting the shoulderbreaker and following up by using the same Fujiwara armbar that Ice Train used earlier, to force Walker to quit. This extended squash match put over Norton’s power and his feud with Ice Train and their upcoming submission match. *

Mene Gene promotes the Fall Brawl PPV. He then talks to Nick Patrick his questionable officiating and possible allegiance to the nWo, in which Patrick questions Mens Gene and his history with the nWo.

We got Hulk Hogan nWo promo in which he is cutting a promo on Team WCW for the upcoming Team WCW vs. nWo War Games Match.

Cobra/Sgt. Craig Pittman with Teddy Long vs. Faces of Fear with Jimmy Hart

This match actually starts off with Cobra and Pittman jumping the Faces of Fear and hitting double team moves on Meng and then later on hit a double team move on the Barbarian. Faces of Fear eventually get control after Pittman is thrown outside of the ring. Both men hit Top Rope Diving Headbutts on Pittman only got a near fall due to Cobra breaking the pin up. Cobra eventually gets tagged in and hits several dropkicks to the Faces of Fear but he is hit randomly by Meng with the Savate kick that’s enough for the win. This match was not good and that largely falls on Pittman being a bad wrestler as all his offence during this match was sloppy or did not look close to connecting. The other men in this match saved it from being a DUD. 1/2 *

Mene Gene is back promoting the WCW Hotline.

WCW World Television Championship: Lord Steven Regal with Geeves vs. Lex Luger ©

It should be noted Nick Patrick is the referee for this match. Luger starts off the beginning of the match by dominating as he forces Regal to retreat to the outside after hitting s hip toss and Japanese arm drag. He would then later on stomp on Regal’s fingers. Regal would get the advantage after eye poking Luger and then he followed up with European uppercuts and forearm strikes. Regal would control the match until Luger countered a charge from Regal to the corner as he hit with a big boot from the corner. He would gain back the advantage in the match with a some forearm strikes, clotheslines and a suppler in which he got a two count only after Regal put his foot on the ropes. Luger would send Regal back to the outside with a flying forearm. Luger  rolls Regal back in the ring and Patrick being occupied with Regal was not able to see that Luger was jumped by the Outsiders who came from the crowd and sent Luger into the ring post and then proceeded to leave. Regal takes advantage and pins Luger for the win and becomes the new WCW World Television Champion. It was a good hard hitting match with Luger and Regal and it got the TV title belt of Luger who did not really need the belt during this time and continued the feud between WCW and nWo. ** 3/4

In the back we got Tony Schiavone with the new champ Lord Steven Regal to get his thoughts on the match. He puts over WCW officiating and does not know anything about the interference that occurred during the match. Regal says he will defend this belt all over the world and not in just WCW and will represent WCW.

Overall Thoughts: It was decent show that promoted the feuds going into the upcoming Fall Brawl PPV and also we got a decent match involving a young Chris Jericho and masked Jerry Lynn . We got solid match in the main event and a title change.

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