WWE Heat 10/17/04

Manchester, England

Commentators: Jonathan Coachman and Todd Grisham

Shelton Benjamin vs. Steven Richards

This Heat took place couple days prior to the Taboo Tuesday PPV, in which both men were on the ballot for the fans to vote who they want to face Chris Jericho for the WWE Intercontinental Title. Grisham and Coach were pushing this match as the loser of this match will have lesser chance of getting the most votes on the ballot. Shelton started off the match in control with commentary putting him over how he has looked since coming back from injury. Richards was able to then take control of the match with an enzuigiri, but after doing several moves such as a neck breaker would proceed to taunt the crowd rather than pin his opponent. Benjamin would gain momentum and control back after countering Richards suplex attempt by hitting a neck breaker. Benjamin would get a near fall with a Russian Leg Sweep. Benjamin would hit Richards with a Top Rope Flying Clothesline and follow that up with a splash in the corner. Then he hit  Richards with the T-Bone Suplex for the win. A decent tv match that was used to push Benjamin to be more over with the fans, and it worked as he would end up getting the most votes in the poll and would win that match against Jericho and win his first Intercontinental Title. **

Tajiri vs. Chuck Palumbo

Chuck Palumbo look during this time was like cross between a mechanic and a greaser. Like the match prior both of these men are on the ballot that the WWE fans could have voted to face off against Chris Jericho for the WWE Intercontinental Title at Taboo Tuesday. Tajiri started off in control of the match hitting Palumbo with a series of kick followed taking him down by head scissors takedown. He gets Palumbo in the ropes and he is able to put him in the Tarantula. Tajiri misses the Buzzsaw kick on Palumbo and he is taken down by a clothesline from Palumbo.Palumbo is able to hit a short arm clothesline. Tajiri was trying to mount off a comeback with a series of kicks but he is taken out by Palumbo with a discus punch. Palumbo had Tajiri in a head and arm choke but Tajiri is able to fight it off hit him with a running crossbody for a 2 count. Though right after that Palumbo was able to gain control of the match once again after a clothesline. Tajiri was able to counter Palumbo’s charge in the corner and brings the match to a stale mate by taking him down with a jumping spinning heel kick. Both men get up and started traded strikes with Palumbo throwing punches and Tajiri kicking him. Tajiri was able to get control with a handspring back elbow and a wheelbarrow bulldog which resulted in near fall. Palumbo gets a near fall of his own after a straight right hand. Tajiri wins the match with a thrust kick. Another decent match it was not interesting in the match  when Palumbo had control but regardless a decently worked match. ** 1/4

Molly Holly/Gail Kim vs. Victoria/Nidia

Molly and Victoria start off the match with Victoria taking Molly down with a couple of arm drags before hitting a standing moonsault but it only gets 2 count. Gail tags in and runs right into a powerslam from Victoria for a 1 count. Victoria tags in Nidia they double team Gail by hip tossing Gail and then proceeding to holding hands to do the wave and hit Gail with double elbow drops for a near fall. Nidia hits a Northern light Suplex for a near fall and then she heats another one but, the referee is distracted by Victoria and Molly stomps on Nidia giving their team the advantage in the match. Gail and Molly proceed to take control of the match, Nidia almost got small package on Molly for a near fall but then would later proceeded to get clothesline by Molly.When Molly was going for cartwheel back elbow in the corner Nidia would move out causing Molly to hit Gail. Allowing for Victoria to get the hot tag and she would hit both women with clotheslines and get a near fall on a fireman’s carry side slam on Gail due to Molly breaking up the pin. Nidia takes out Molly allowing Victoria to hit the Widows Peak on Gail for the win. Really fun tag match from these women especially during this era for women’s wrestling in the WWE because, it is shown on commentary for this match that the perception of women is clearly not the one that they have today. ** 1/2

Overall Thoughts: It was a decent showthat promoted the upcoming Taboo Tuesday PPV and built up the possible candidates to face Chris Jericho at the PPV. Along with the fact that there was a really solid and fun women’s tag match which was not a common incurrence during this period in the WWE.

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