WWE Heat 12/18/2005

Providence, Rhode Island

Commentators: Michael Cole and Tazz

This instalment of WWE Heat was a pre-show for Armageddon. So there is only 1 match as it was a pre-show match to the PPV, the rest of the show was just promo packages for the matches on the PPV.

Jamie Noble vs. Funaki

This is Noble’s second televised match with WWE after returning from a great run on independents especially with Ring of Honor where he was ROH World Champion. The match started off with back and forth between with these two until Noble was able to take advantage after hitting a neck breaker on Funaki. He would dominate for a brief moment until he missed a second rope elbow drop. Funaki made his comeback with his offence until he ran into a powerslam for a near fall. Funaki was able to mount an offence again in the match was looking for a tornado DDT but was met with a couple of chops and being pushed off the ropes and landing on his back on the apron. Noble on the outside would hit a gutbuster. Noble brings back Funaki in the ring and taps him out with the Dragon Sleeper for the win at 3:30. This was fine short match between two talented wrestlers and did solid job putting over Noble in his return to WWE. **

Overall Thoughts:

Nothing really to seek out for unless you really want to watch a three minute Jamie Noble and Funaki match and a bunch of promo packages.

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